Kickstart - Women

The Modern Woman

The challenges facing modern woman can sometimes seem insurmountable.
Todays woman are phenomenal. It's that simple. Whether it's looking after the kids, the house, the hubby whilst working on the career and always looking your best. This ultimately puts you at the back of the queue.
Here is the plan, lets take some time back for you! So where do you start?

Urban Physique Fitness has the solution; Kickstart!

So What is Kickstart?

Kickstart is your opportunity to start putting yourself first for a change. Get back to the "Old You" or even better lets build the "New You". Let us show you how doing something as simple as a daily "5 Minute Positive Action" will have life changing effects on how you eat, how you move and more importantly how you look and feel.

  • Commit to the first 30 days of our nutrition and exercise curriculum.
  • See if it's for you, have a go, try something different.
  • Your previous approaches have obviously not had the desired affect and ultimately brought you to this page.
  • This is the moment where you have a choice to "Stick With What You Have and Stay The Same" or Take Action and Make a Change".
  • See with our support, honesty and sound outcome-based decision making that you can build the mind, body and well-being you deserve.


Your Custom, Kickstart Programme Includes

Quick-Start Nutrition Guide
(For Digital Download and Hard Copy on Request - £40 value)

  • Personal overview with goals, activity level and recommended intake
  • Custom portion control guide tailored to you and your goals
  • Workout nutrition guide based on exercise preferences and goals
  • 'How to' - grocery shopping guide
  • 'How to' - meal prep guide
  • Tips for Success


  • Complimentary consultation (£40)
  • 6 professional coaching sessions delivered by an elite Urban Physique Fitness Pn Level 1 certified coach (£240 value)
  • Initial Body Composition and Performance Assessment (£40 value)
  • Your very own online Nutrition Profile powered by Precision Nutrition (£££ Priceless)
  • Keep on track with Daily nutrition lessons and healthy habit check in delivered straight to your inbox (£££ Priceless)
  • Urban Physique Fitness online profile to track workouts, PB,s, body stats and more powered by Trainerize (£25 value)
  • Don't miss a Workout with reminders and whats on today delivered straight to you inbox (£££ Priceless)
  • 4 week exercise programme based on initial performance assessment tailored to your ability and goals (£40 value)
  • World Class Coaching, Accountability and Support  (£££ Priceless)

Urban Physique Fitness Kickstart Programme
Regular price £400+
All of this Now £160

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